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Stoneacre peterborough

Discussion in 'SEAT UK Dealer Network' started by Lemon191, May 19, 2016.

  1. Lemon191

    Lemon191 Active Member

    May 7, 2016
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    Hi guys,

    Got my car new from stoneacre Peterborough

    Over all experience - positive , friendly, only had to wait a week for a car that had all the extras I wanted, would buy from again

    Sales room / site - easy to find and get to ,the site itself is abit cramped not much parking but otherwise it's fine , the building itself was in the middle of renovation so was abit of a building site and they were using a moblie office however this didn't really matter much the usual things like coffee or bottled water was on offer

    Sales team - friendly , worked with me to get the price where I was willing to pay and stil get me a FR with the bits I wanted despite my trade in being over 1k in negative equity and there wasn't any pushy sales tactics to sell extras on top either and plenty of test drives available I myself took 4 types of car out 1.4 FR , 1.0l so, 1.2 tsi can't ememeber The model was more testing engine however it was the sales managers car and a 1.0 eco se

    Communication - not bad however there wasn't anything in the way of updates in the week waiting for the car to be delivered to the dealer , a courtesy call would have been nice just to keep updated on estimated arrival dates etc

    Car on collection - as expected clean inside and out, 8 miles on the clock , 55 miles of petrol in the tank a good hand over / walk through on features and controls and the GF was most pleased that they had left a few of the protective plastics on the screen ! She loves peeling them off lol

    Will update when I get a service in a year's time

    Edit : I phoned ford to find out if the finance etc was being paid off by stoneacre and found out they hadn't done it yet , being over a week ago I would have expected this to have been done especially when the settlement figure ran out on the 20th , called stoneacre and they said a faded signature on my debit card had caused a delay on setting up the new finance and paying off the old one but will be sorted. Now sometimes things do happen to slow stuff down however a simple call to let me know what was going on would have been nice for peace of mind . Needless to say I've told them to ring me when they are sorting it this time.
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  2. CHRI55

    CHRI55 Yes its been Tango'd

    Oct 15, 2006
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    This is where I purchased my car from in 2013.

    Not been an overall good experience!

    The constant pestering phone calls every year is annoying and the system they have is crap. Every time I call to update my details. Still wrong the next time I go back.

    I took out a so called lifetime warranty with them, which is for 10 years or 100,000 miles whatever comes first, for which I have to go back for a service with them every year to keep it up to date. And most things I've had go wrong with the car is not covered. When I spoke to the people at stoneacre asking what is exactly covered all I get back that’s a GREY area. We would have to look at the car to see what’s covered!?!?!? WTF seems useless to me! This was not cheap by the way.

    People also need to be very careful as after a service with Stoneacre in Peterborough your told you have breakdown cover for a year, usually accompanied with a key thob.
    But trust me when I say when it comes to being broken down in the middle of nowhere it’s all bull ****!!
    I have then had to pay for someone with a truck to come get my car and drive to back to my address.
    On the evening they told me unless the car is under 3yrs and with seats manufactured warranty then you don’t have the cover and I got left to it.

    I will never go back. And I am in the process of contacting them to complain and demand compensation.

    I don't want anyone having to go through what I have recently.

  3. MOB

    MOB Active Member

    Feb 3, 2017
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    Leased mine through them

    Very poor communication generally, overall 6/10 for me
  4. olie93

    olie93 Active Member

    Jun 7, 2014
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    Leased mine through them.

    They battled to get the price down and were £1 out from the best quote we had so went for it.

    Was originally told a estimate and when we kept inquiring the estimate delivery date keep extending.

    No updates throughout wait. Ended up getting the order number from them and call SEAT UK direct for updates.

    On delivery day called SEAT for an update to be told "it has arrived at the dealer. Have they not contacted you?"

    Wouldn't recommend them.

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