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    Please note this is a merge from the old TDI FAQ, some links might be missing the old pics for example and some info might need updating. This thread can continue to be updated by adding new posts to it. Note that a general search of the TDI section can yield new results on old topics so for the latest information this searching is recommended.

    Use these as guides. We make no guarantees as to the accuracy of this information, so use at your own risk. The owners and administrators of SEATCUPRA.NET will not be liable for any damage incurred after trying something stupid, and completely destroying you TDI.

    New to diesel

    Discussion and a very conclusive method for running in your TDI from an experienced TDI club member :-

    505.00 - Diesel, SDI, TDI (90hp &110hp)
    505.01 - PD TDI engines (115hp,130hp,150hp,75hp 1.4tdi, 2.5l (150,163 & 180hp), 3.3l, and the all new 4.0l)
    506.01 - Diesels with variable service

    MAF information: (Mercedes Pierburg MAF thread)

    Info on Modified turbos :

    Tuning Box info:

    How to get more fuel in your tank ("venting"):

    Running in a TDI

    EGR mod problems with MY 04 TDI's :-
    Further TDI EGR info here:

    CAT Removal & Exhaust info:

    VNT & Non-VNT turbo info:

    Difference between 130tdi and 150tdi turbo:

    Discussion on turbo boost:

    Paulos information on when changing from a 130 turbo to a 150 turbo :-

    A very very simplified diagram and explanations of how a turbocharger works

    MPG threads:

    More rear badge stuff:

    Injector Swaps:

    See this rather techy post for more in depth details of the PD pumps/injectors

    Down on power

    TD tuning box for 110 owners

    Brief 110 Tuning box Q&A

    What sort of box would I need?
    Either a 8 or 10 pin tuning box, dependant on age of car, but generally any 2000 onwards cars are 10 pins on the connector to the fuel pump. Can be found under the engine cover, behind the dipstick. Generally any tuning box for the old 90 or 110 engine is suitable, but two people I know have a one with good results.

    Where do i get one from?
    From the web site above if u want one of them, but there are loads now available on ebay, where they can be bought for as cheap as £99

    How easy are they to fit?
    Simple, just remove engine cover, unplug socket as above pug in the box, put engine cover back on.

    When fitted, what would bhp, torque and performance figures go up to? For your 110, you can expect another 30bhp and 30lb ft of torque. You can expect to knock a second or two off your performance figures.

    TDI 110 and injectors

    CCV bypass thread

    Intercooler information:
    (wheel arch venting for IC)
    (IC design)
    Intercooler problems:

    SPT & other improved breathing (intake info):

    Air Filter information:

    Engine coolant sensor part no for Leon / Toledo

    Leon / Toledo Part number for expansion bottle :-
    1j0121403b (VW Dealership supplied)
    This covers the on Start-up (Cold) Engine Temp Bleep Flash Light... Which can be over come quickly by just simply switching off & back on again, or Change the expansion bottle / Sensor top right fails but it is incorporated within the bottle..

    Merc MAF Fitting and results

    TDI clutch bearing problems:


    See the link below for a technical PDF on the workings of the VAG TDI engine, it’s the 90/110 version shown but most of the principles are the same for the PD just the injection system will differ. A very, very useful official VAG document.

    Thread about standard Ibiza 130 air filter & part number:

    160PD Ibiza Cupra intake for the Ibiza 130PD (from Muddyboots)

    6LL 129 621 - bumper end connecting bit
    6LL 129 618 - main pipe from airbox

    Referring to the parts as:
    Front inlet -> Adaptor -> Pipe -> Airbox
    ...where the Adaptor & Pipe are the bits being changed, this is how I did it:

    1) Remove cross-head screw from airbox, pull old pipe out of airbox so the end is free
    2) Remove 2 torx screws from front inlet, lift whole assembly out.
    3) Prise front inlet off of old adaptor & hose. Chuck the old adaptor & hose.
    4) Fit new hose into airbox and refit the crosshead screw
    5) Clip new adaptor into front inlet
    6) Refit front inlet & new adaptor using 2 torx screws (whilst pushing new pipe down out of way)
    7) Bend the new pipe over the new adaptor and push together, pretty fiddly, requires a fair bit of bending of the pipe (which is quite flexible).

    Some interesting maintenance videos by the guys can be found here

    PD 100,115,130,150 and 160 engine internal part number differences:

    2.0 TDI 140 and 170bhp differences (cheers to stocky) :-

    Silicon Dielectric Grease - Smoother running, more responsive & less smokey TDI!!

    Diesel dump valve information

    DPF Emergency regeneration

    110 vacuum system and other diagrams
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