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Telegraph Karoq Review on Ateca Sister Car

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by Tell, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Jun 27, 2004
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    Interesting review on the Karoq produced in the same factory


    Suspension set up will be different as we know. The back seats come out if specified. Those are the two main points ones guesses between the Karoq and Ateca apart from looks, colour range, price etc.

    Obviously agreed with his diesel DSG stop start issue "it's alarmingly slow to pull away when the engine is auto-stopped at junctions". All of the VW diesel have this issue. It's a design fault they should give you more time to get your foot off the brake before the engine is stopped so the driver has more control over auto stop start. Two seconds is too short which is all the default setting is... better design would have been if you are really stopped and hanging onto the brake then I'll stop the engine for you, suspect this feature was designed out by reducing the time to two seconds in the setup. That's why people disable it with VCDS / Obdeleven since it's hazardous in heavy traffic if you forget to button it off. You can twitch the steering wheel to restarts but that's assuming you know it's stopped. Definition of an accident. Acres on the net on that across VW cars.

    I think he picked up on the sat nav being designed for LHD cars on the bit about fiddling with it's controls. The pop up panel on junctions, parking spots etc should be on the right on RHD not on the left. Think that's his issue there. MFD if kept on satnav will always give you the next turn in front of you. I would think the right knob continues to act as the zoom button as well as pinch and zoom across all of the VW range. Does on the Ateca and push the right-hand steering wheel button for a repeat of the directions again if in doubt.

    There are only two satnav model units in the VW range, the SD map on card one, seems more unreliable with freezes etc from Ateca reports and the more expensive SSD one (Seat Plus, Skoda Columbus, VW Discover Pro). Both are packaged with the same looking screen presentation running on different hardware and software. Supporting map downloads for the two streams are the same (x2). The SSD unit supports the electronic cockpit. The budget one does looking at this but with issues.


    A quick look at the UK launch price list for the Kodaq didn't seem to reveal this as an option. Skoda fragments the packages more into component parts than Seat. It would have been interesting to have seen this priced up since it's planned for the Ateca but no prices yet.
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