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Tire size on a 16inch evo rim

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk2 (1993-1999)' started by Oswald, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Oswald

    Oswald Guest

    I currently have 205/45/16 but would like to have a less wide tire. I don't like how the wide tire makes the car feel unstable on bad Belgian highways. Breaking in wet will probably also improve with narrower tires. There is also a small price difference per tire in favor of the narrow ones.

    Will a 185/50/16 fit on a 16inch evo rim? Or should I get a 195/45/16?

    The rims look like the ones in this picture I found online: http://users.telenet.be/mmcars/ibiza110EVO01.jpg
  2. Fl@pper

    Fl@pper Back older greyer and less oilier but always hope

    Jun 19, 2001
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    if you go narrower it will aslo lower the profile and probably make it feel worse and make tramlining felt even more

    braking in teh wet will be better with as wide a tyre as possible but if its low tread can make it aquaplabe more

    looking at the suspension lowering it would be more beneficial or at least get it checked for alignment

    standard size is 195/45/16 if it helps

    front end needs repairing first ;) ad being tdi wont help as its front heavy - personally i'd set it up suspension wise first
  3. Oswald

    Oswald Guest

    Actually, the car is a Cordoba Vario sdi. I put the topic in the Ibiza forum because I kept the rims and tires from my old Ibiza tdi and I thought the Ibiza guys would know the size of Evo rims. I'm not going to alter the suspension, since it's a car I only use to commute to work. I want it to be low cost, but still safe... I do around 25.000kms each year about 70% highway.

    I have these cheap Champiro front tires that my dad bought once. They are dangerous in wet and provide no grip at all. I had them on the rear wheels of my Ibiza first and after doing a 180 two times on a roundabout (not going fast at all) I put them on the front axle. They spin when accelerating with a 64hp sdi in the wet. And they slide all over the place when trying to brake and are very sensitive to aquaplanning. With the tdi, they would sometimes spin when accelerating in dry conditions. I was going to wear them out, but after +30.000kms they still have 6mm of profile depth left. I'll probably crash my car before they wear out, so I'm sick of waiting and will replace them.

    The rear tires are Zero Nero. They do their job well and seem to wear ok.

    I'm thinking either Toyo Proxes 4 or Toyo Proxes T1R. But I can't decide on the size. I'll probably go with the 195/45 but was wondering if a 185/50 would fit as well. I think the 185/50 would have a little less grip in dry conditions, better breaking in wet (less aquaplanning), more comfort (sidewall would be 5mm higher) and a lower price.

    The 195/45 would be lower then the 205/45, as Fl@pper said, which worries me. But the 185/50 would be around 5mm higher then the 195/45 and about the same as the 205/45. Would a 185/50 even fit or is it too small?
  4. Oswald

    Oswald Guest

    What is the width of the Evo rims anyway? According to the Toyo website the 185/50/16 fits rims from 5.0 to 6.5 inch. The 195/45/16 fits rims from 6.0 to 7.5 inch.
  5. Mckellar

    Mckellar Guest

    standard - iirc 6.5 with 195/45/16 fitted.

    Just becareful you dont go too much slimmer or it will handle worse

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