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To scrap or not

Discussion in 'TDi - SEAT Diesel specific topics' started by WhereIsBrian, May 17, 2017.

  1. WhereIsBrian

    WhereIsBrian Full Member

    May 17, 2017
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    Hi there, so I have a 2010 TDi Leon. I moved to france almost two years ago and since then, I''ve had a few problems!!

    Right now I'm looking at an intermittent overboost fault, new rear discs and pads, both passenger side doors will not open from outside, it needs a service and I had a clutch cylinder issue. Plus living in a small city with tight parking means I have marks on almost every panel. Also I changed the fuel filter and found a few bits of metal on top, not just tiny bits but a couple of mm in length.

    What I know; the doors will require new locking mechanisms at, I think, a few hundred euros.
    The overboost fault is more than likely sticky vanes, I was forced to do a couple of months of city driving before this problem appeared. An Italian clean did not work. I can't find Mr muscle out here, and from what I've read it only delays replacing the turbo. So I think I'll do that, although the Mr muscle thing is tempting first. It first went into limp mode 3 years ago, I sprayed egr cleaner into it and problem solved, no problem until recently. Now it will slip into limp mode quite easily.
    The clutch problem, it was sticking to the floor on long drives, seems to be okay after a brake fluid change. Plus out of habit, I depress the clutch every 10km to mnake sure..

    What I'm not sure about; brakes. My handbrake is awkward to lift, it feels sticky and a little hard. I looked at the pads, seem okay, but the disc on one side has a line in the middle that's raised and rusty. I assume the pad isn't in contact there but it looks strange. I plan to change the discs and pads but I'm nervous of getting a surprise. I'm not a mechanic and don't have
    a drive so it's a risk if something goes wrong.

    Fuel filter, I've read that metal indicates the fuel pump is on it's way out. I know petrol was accidentally put in around 5 years ago which is bad !!

    I finished my job recently so have the time but not much cash. If anybody would be able to advise with these issues, I'd appreciate the help.

    I'm almost wondering if I should scrap the car and use the money I have for a new turbo and buy a nice old french banger haha. I've had this car since almost new so it would be a shame but the costs of making it sell-able are high, and then my fuel pump will no doubt go :blink:

    Thanks again and sorry for the long post!
  2. verbal_kint

    verbal_kint Senior Member

    Apr 15, 2010
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    Enough time has passed, so what did you decide?

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