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Toyota Innova or Safari Dicor. Which one to go for

Discussion in 'General Off Topic Chat' started by pihusharma, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. pihusharma

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    Apr 17, 2018
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    When both the automobile showcase quality standards and deliver a good performance, it becomes really tough to decide which one to opt for. Tata Safari is the first SUV to be completely designed, developed and built in India by the Tata Motors. On the other hand, we have the Japanese automaker Toyota presenting the compact MPV, Toyota Innova. Different car buyers have different preferences and requirements, however, this article will pinpoint facts that might unveil reasons to buy Safari Dicor. Dicor stands for "Direct Injection Common Rail engine".

    Engine Specifications
    The Safari Dicor is powered by 16V DOHC VTT DICOR that gives a power of 140PS@4000rpm and a torque of 320 Nm @1700-2700 rpm and Toyota Innova has D-4D Diesel engine yielding 102PS@3600rpm power and 200 Nm@1400-3400 rpm torque.

    Both the vehicles are diesel driven, possess manual transmission type, have 5 gears and both have got only 4 cylinders. Innova has got common-rail fuel system, while Dicor has MPFI. Fuel tank capacity and fuel storage capacity of Dicor is 65 litres and 981 litres respectively, which exceeds the 55 litres and 300 litres of Innova.

    Dicor has Ventilated Disc front brake with Twin Pot calliper but Toyota has just Ventilated Disc brake. Rear Brakes in Dicor is Drum brake with Auto Adjusting Type and Innova possess leading -trailing Drum.

    Both the car looks pleasant, but there are certain things that Dicor is featured with but Innova lacks, like chrome door handles, ORVM Mounted Indicator, 4WD Alloy wheels, Fog Lamps, Rear Wash Wiper etc. Dicor is a bigger sized car with dimension reading 4650 x 1918 x 1925 mm while that of Innova is 4585 x 1760 x 1760 mm. With 205 mm ground clearance Dicor has beaten Innova that has a ground clearance of just 176 mm. Dicor also has a stronger structure than Innova with gross vehicle weight reading 2650 kg and 2300 kg respectively.

    Safety Features
    Safety features are always important to focus on while making a car buying decision. Safari Dicor comes equipped with an array of safety features like Central locking; Door Ajar warning; Child Lock Rear Door [Child Safety Locks, Child Safety Windows, Seat Belt Warning, Seatbelt Pretensioners and Immobilizer. Many of these are missing in Toyota Innova.

    Features Ensuring Convenience & Comfort
    When buying an automobile, it is equally important to check whether the comfort and convenience factors are not being ignored. Sitting in the car for long can be less tiring if Steering Column, Driver Seat and Front Passenger Seat can be adjusted according to one’s preference, which is possible with Safari Dicor but not with Toyota Innova. Power Windows, Remote Operated Fuel Tank Lid, Folding Rear-Seat, Defogger (Rear), Rain-Sensing Wipers, Keyless entry, Dual Horns, Clutch Foot Rest etc are not available with Toyota but Tata Safari Dicor has.

    The Interior
    Both the 7-seater air-conditioned car comes with certain interior features but Safari Dicor has several things that Innova has missed like Leather Gear knob and Steering, Armrests, Anti Glare Inside Rear View Mirror, Driver's Ticket Holder, Dual Tone Interior, Passenger Vanity Mirror, BlueTooth Enabled Audio, Integrated CD/MP3 & FM Player etc.

    Tata Safari Dicor will cost one around Rs 11.02 lakhs while Toyota Innova comes with a price tag of Rs 12.01 lakhs. Safari Dicor cost less compared to Toyota Innova in spite of the fact that the former comes stuffed with so many features that Toyota has missed out on its design and structure. The potential car buyers hence can calculate, which, between the two will be a better choice.

    So , if you want to know description about safari dicor then visit : https://autoportal.com/newcars/tata/safari/
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    Very general and off topic. :sleepy:

    I don't know how many members on this forum live and reside in India. Good luck. :weedy:

    The rest of us I reckon will be about as useful as an 'elephant in a minefield' on this subject matter :3rd:
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