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Discussion in 'SEAT brand general discussion' started by Crossthreaded, May 29, 2019.

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    Apr 16, 2019
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    Having recently "waxed lyrical" about this supplier in a thread on the forum (which I can't remember or find - oh dear age related malfunction again) I've had a bit of a disappointment yesterday. It must have been around two and a half years since I bought from them due to my boy having sold his Fabia Scout replacing it with a Kia Rio - hmmm, very interesting? - and my Ibiza being still in warranty so going to the dealer for it's services. The Ibiza warranty came to an end in March so I'm starting to get organised with "Twinkle's" service needs. In particular I'm deciding on oil - Small petrol turbo so very oil sensitive. The dealer says they use Castrol but can't be any more specific, which I find strange? - Wonder what they've actually been putting in her? I've used TPS Quantum oil often in the past with good results (no known problems and nice clean engine internals) which used to be supplied by Castrol and is now I understand a Fuchs product - I use Fuchs or Petronas in the family Fiats, 'cos that's what the parts people supply, again with good results.

    So rang up my local branch to ask a few questions and found it's now "accounts only" Previously I have been able to just walk in and buy stuff over the counter. Ah well, Maybe the chaps at AVW will take pity on me and be prepared to order parts for me, or, maybe, I'll just "join the revolution" and get everything on line? My perception of late has been that most of these suppliers are only too happy to take my money. The only other one in our area who I know to be like this are Dingbro but even they will supply if I go in face to face and call things by their correct names etc.

    Feeling a bit silly now having recently encouraged someone on here to try approaching them!

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