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Traction control light

Discussion in 'Leon Mk1 (2000-2006)' started by manks88, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. manks88

    manks88 Guest

    I have searched and found a few threads regarding the traction control light staying on but haven't seen exactly what happened to mine.

    Basically I was driving quite hard yesterday night and all of a sudden the engine lost all power for a second and then again kept going off and coming on, and the traction control light stayed on, and is now stuck on. It almost felt like the breaks were coming on!

    I know I will probably have to get it diagnosed, but just wondering if anyone has had this before? Just a bit worried :(.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. csd_19

    csd_19 Full Member

    May 11, 2005
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    Sounds like either a problem in the TC system (dirty ABS sensor triggering the TC to work when it doesn't need to) or your MAF has properly died completely.

    If you unplug the MAF and run the car the TC light is lit permanently and you have no TC at all. Check the plug on the MAF to make sure it is seated properly and has clipped into place - with your enthusiastic ;) driving last night it may have loosened off if it wasn't fully seated initially.

    Does it still feel like the brakes are coming on? That would have been the TC cutting the power - when you've got the foot in it feels rather harsh when you go from full acceleration to nothing lol.
  3. manks88

    manks88 Guest

    Ok, thanks for that!
    Just bought one of those fault code readers off ebay :). Take it something like this would throw up a fault code and I would be able to determine from that what the cause is?

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