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Turning off Brad Pad warning sensor

Discussion in 'Mk1 Leon FAQ's (1M) 2000-2006' started by subby28, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. subby28

    subby28 Guest

    Couldnt find anything on hear about turning off the brad pad warning sensor via vag com, but found how to do it for the golf.

    All the threads on here just said about shorting the connector out, which is fine, but mine had been chopped back, and not sorted out. Due to the type of cable, it is very hard to strip properly, and then when I did get it stripped the wires inside was so corroded it would hardly short out.

    Its just a case of adding one (+01) onto the exisiting code in the instrument module. I think mine was 05424, so 06424, and bingo, no more beep when I turn ignition on ! ( My bulb for this on the dash had blown so i had no idea what was beeping!)

    I expect this is already common knowledge, but as i couldnt find anything during my search, so thought i would point this out as it may help other people.


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