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VCDS - How To Guides - MK3 Leon - Facelift - Virtual Cockpit

Discussion in 'Mk3 Leon Guides (5F) 2012-2020' started by DEAN0, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Just thought I would post up the VCDS mods that I know work on the Facelift Leon with Virtual Cockpit.
    For reference - These were all proven on a Leon Cupra 300 sc - MY18 - Virtual Cockpit
    For reference - I use a genuine Rosstech Hex-CAN cable with the latest VCDS software.

    Display Drive Profile in VC
    Module 19
    Long Coding
    Byte 08
    Bit 4 - make active

    Disable Start / Stop
    Module 19
    Find: Start Stop Voltage Limit
    Change to 12.0 ( Default value 7.6 )

    Fan Speed showing in Auto mode
    Module 08
    Long Coding
    Byte 11
    Bit 6 - make active

    Change Throttle Response at Pedal
    Module 44
    Security code 19249
    Find: Switch Driving Profile
    Gradual, Controlled by time ( default setting )
    Directly, Controlled by threshold value

    Drive Profile Button always RED ( Even in Cupra mode )
    Module 09
    Security Code 31347
    Find: Zusatzcodierung Fahrprofiltaster ( Button in Centre Console )
    Default: LED Installed
    Change to: LED not Installed

    XDS Strength Adjustment
    Module 03
    Security code 20103
    Find: Expanded Electronic Differential Lock
    Default: Normal
    Options: Weak, Normal, Medium, Strong

    VAQ Diff Adjustment
    Module 32 ( Differential Locks )
    Security code 20103
    Find: Acoustic Measure Wiring Logic
    Default: STD
    Options: STD, Increased Traction, Reduced Noise.

    Cornering Fog Light Activation / De-Activation
    Module 09
    Security code 31347
    Find: Leuchte12NL LB45-Lichtfunktion B12 auswählen
    To activate Select: Abbiegelicht links
    To deactivate Select: Not Active

    Find: Leuchte13NL RB5-Lichtfunktion B13 auswählen
    To activate Select: Abbiegelicht rechts
    To deactivate Select: Not Active

    Dissable/Enable Fog Light Activation when reverse selected
    Module 09
    Security code 31347
    Find: static AFS light-bei Rueckwaertsfahrt
    To activate Select: DOUBLE SIDED
    To deactivate Select: OFF

    Change Soundaktor Volume
    Module A9
    Find: Channel of structure borne sound actuator
    Default Value: 100%
    Can be set between 0% and 100%
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