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Was this your Ateca? Engine Adblue applicability?

Discussion in 'Ateca' started by Bendy, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Bendy

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    Aug 10, 2018
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  2. Tell

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    Jun 27, 2004
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    Mine is that one, 190 DSG 4Drive. Adblue is nothing to worry about. In the old days of VAG cars you sloshed it in via the boot and a cap etc. Now the Adblue filler cap is placed next to the fuel filler cap under the combined cover. They use industry standard Adblue filler nossles, quite narrow.

    Cranky people still fill them up using bottles, siphons, pipes etc. That's what you use to do when they were in the boot. The Adblue pumps at garages used by vans and lorries are fine. It's about 80p a litre and costs about £6 or so to fill up every 9,000 miles or so. You can forget about it till it will remind you to think about filling up at 1,100 miles when you start up. Nagging continues. Eventually it won't start till you top it up, 0 miles. Like the fuel, it gives you a predicted range based on the Adblue level.

    Filled mine up three times now. You take a bottle of water with you when you fill up as good practise to wash away any spillage on the paint. Never had it but wash anyway in anycase, corrosive to paint. Nossle in, fill till it stops. They have auto stop fillers like fuel pumps. Do it with gloves on. Cap back on. Wash the filler cap area inside and paint work around just in case. Gloves off, pay.

    Next, you don't start up immediately. Press the start button, but don't press the brake. Wait 30 seconds. Ignition back off. Now start as normal, that resets the meter and nag. That's in the manual.

    I did put a link thread on here.

    Pumps can be found via this link. Go for truck else it takes you to bottle sellers, more expensive and nasty spillage possible.


    There is also an Air1 Adblue app. In the UK I prefer Shell for Adblue pumps. The Shell motorway service ones and on main routes have the pumps.

    Pumps are the cheapest option. Seat dealer doing it most expensive. Bottle slopping is in between, Given it starts to warn you at 1,100 miles you got plenty of time to plan filling up.

    SCR which requires Adblue, was fitted to all diesel Atecas at launch except the 1.6. It may now be fitted to 1.6 as well. If second-hand purchasing, if you flick the filler cover you will see the Adblue cap. If it's there it will require Adblue. Running cost are very small.
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