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Whats Happening (December Edition)

Discussion in 'Comments, Suggestions and Announcements' started by Jimbobcook, Dec 18, 2019.

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    Nov 24, 2012
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    Welcome to the Christmas edition of the Forum Newsletter, we've got lots of stuff happening next year along with some new Forum Sponsors and a few places you may not know of to grab some lovely information from this lovely forum (If I say so myself).

    Forum Meets
    2020 is looking like a great year for Forum meets with pretty much a meet a month from Jan to June.

    5th January 2020 - Blackpool Meet - Link to Meet Info
    We've got our traditional meet straight after Christmas up North with the hopes to grab some nice pictures (weather permitting) on the day! Currently we've got around 15 cars coming be great to see some new faces!

    9th Feb 2020 - Doncaster Meet - Link to Meet Info
    Thanks to one of our forum members we have a regular meet in Doncaster which we've had over 25 cars along with a great pub lunch and a great atmosphere!
    2019-12-18 16_32_08-Window.jpg

    1st March 2020 - Berkshire Meet - Link to Meet Info
    Another forum member is kindly hosting a forum meet near him which is aimed at getting the South to more meets.
    2019-11-14 21_02_10-_DSC0113.jpg - Windows Photo Viewer.jpg

    17th May 2020 - Caffeine & Machine Meet - Link to Meet Info
    After an Instagram poll a few people thought a good meet at Caffeine & Machine was needed, so here it is! We have dedicated parking for the forum (limited numbers) front of house and a great venue this should be a great day out for all.
    2019-11-14 21_01_04-Caffeine & Machine pre-booked parking Tickets, Multiple Dates _ Eventbrite.jpg

    14th June 2020 - Letchworth Meet - Link to Meet Info
    With thanks to our newest forum Sponsor and a 2nd time host of a forum meet at the Letchworth SEAT/CUPRA Garage and Showroom, the brand new showroom has ample parking and great staff to help anyone looking to upgrade or just have a good chat and hopefully with enough people a nice BBQ for us all to feast on!

    If you have any meet ideas please post them on the forum for us all to see or contact one of the mods to post it for you and hopefully we can get more meets going.

    New Forum Sponsors

    We've been lucky enough to grab hold of 2 forum sponsors for forum members to benefit from this year!

    Progressive Parts - Link to Sub Forum


    PP are here to help you with all your performance parts and help for your car if it be a new exhaust or just a res delete along with many other things. Go give them a look see and post in their dedicated section and hopefully grab a good deal. Also PP recently hosted a Rolling road meet with the forum so keep an eye out for more info on any other days out.

    Letchworth SEAT/CUPRA - Link to Sub Forum

    2019-12-18 16_35_07-Window.jpg

    With a brand new building this great building hosts some very helpful staff who can help with all your new car sales for SEAT and CUPRA, we have forum meets and deals for New and Used cars if you just pop any question in their dedicated section you'll have a new car in no time!

    Forum Merch

    We're looking for ideas on what you want to see in our Merch store in 2020... It could be T Shirts, Hoodies, more Stickers etc pop over to this link and let us know! If you want to order any Forum Stickers please click here

    Are you missing out....?

    Are you in the loop for all your SEAT needs? Just to let you know we have the following Social Media which are well looking at!

    Facebook Main Page (10k+) - Link - Main forum News, Reviews and Announcements

    Facebook Group - Link - Along side the forum we run a Facebook group for Specific Forum info and Deals from Sponsors

    Instagram (2k+) - Link - Regular Head to head events and reposts for all SEAT's, a great place to find something you want for your car with over 1800 posts of the best car brand!

    YouTube (500+) - Link - Great selection of New car reviews with thanks to SEAT UK for letting us borrow them

    Twitter (1k+) - Link - General Forum based Twitter action

    Thanks for reading

    Have a great Christmas and New Year

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