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Wheel size

Discussion in 'Leon Mk3 (2012-2020)' started by Deleted member 103408, May 25, 2018.

  1. Can anybody explain in simple terms the difference between an 8j and a 8.5j

    I have been looking at some new wheels 19" but they only do it in an 8.5j and the seller tells me these will be fine on the 280 Cupra

    Tyres will be same as now 235/35

    I have checked on https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.p...2=35&wheel_size=19&wheel_width=8-5&offset2=50

    and it looks like they are just a bit wider, can anybody confirm if these wheels will be ok to fit and what the difference is in real world.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. GTunney

    GTunney Active Member

    May 28, 2013
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    It’s just the width of the wheel. 8 to 8.5J should be absolutely fine. Is the ET the same on both sets?
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  3. Thats good, ET On the site is showing as 38, no idea how i check what my current one is.
  4. SRGTD

    SRGTD Active Member

    May 26, 2014
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    @theoldboy; an 8.5j wheel is 1/2” wider than an 8j wheel. The number before the “j” is the wheel width in inches.

    The offset of your existing wheels should be stamped into the reverse side of one of the wheel spokes (if your current wheels are the original Seat wheels for the Cupra 280.

    This website is quite useful to help determine the spec of your existing wheels;


    According to this website, the wheels fitted to the Cupra 280 are either 7.5j x 18 with an offset of ET51 or 8j x 19 with an offset of 50. Assuming your existing wheels are 19” (your first post said your existing tyres are 235/35), they should have an offset of ET50, in which case fitting an 8.5j wheel with an offset of ET38 will have the following impact on clearance;

    Inner face; 5.7 mm further away from the suspension strut
    Outer face; will protrude a further 18.4 mm

    I don’t know if the extra 18.4 mm (nearly 3/4”) ‘poke’ is likely to cause any rubbing issues as I don’t currently drive a Leon, but an offset of ET38 is a reasonably aggressive offset.

    Also bear in mind that you’ll need to inform your insurer if you fit different wheels, as this is classed as a modification for insurance purposes.

    Edit; you may need to click on the link to the website I posted twice. I just clicked on it to make sure it worked and the format was awful. Clicking on it a second time seemed to sort the format though.
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  5. DEAN0

    DEAN0 Old Git

    Feb 1, 2006
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    Considering a +10mm spacer up front on the std 19 x 8 ( ET50 ) wheels has things pretty close - I would say +18.4mm will be way too much.
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  6. Thanks guys, I will talk to the wheel company at least now i understand what i am talking about

    Yes Insurance company already in the loop on the changes I am making.
  7. Big thank you to all that helped me out, saved me ordering the wrong wheels.

    All sorted now, once again it just proves you need to check and double check stuff.

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