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Wilsee's Wheels!

Discussion in 'Ibiza Mk1' started by Wilsee, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Wilsee

    Wilsee Guest

    I have been the proud owner of a J Reg 1992 Seat Ibiza MK1 903cc for 3 months now and I am very happy!

    Check out my ride by clicking the link below;


    The car arrived to me with about 27,800 miles on the clock, full service history, 2 owners (a couple) and a recently passed M.O.T. The car is mint inside like brand new, outside is very good, no rust just the odd scratch and dent, quite impressive.
    Just didn't like the wheels, rubbish hub caps with paint and other crap on em, soon sorted that out though!

    Added a set of MOMO alloys which are a bit scuffed but still very nice and they suit the retro feel of the car, added that with some fat tyres very pleased with the outcome.

    Not shown on the slideshow is a custom made Powerflow exaust and back box which I have had fitted, I will add pictures very soon. It produces a nice sound ;) Old exaust went so I thought what the heck!

    Highlights of the car so far;

    -- The feeling of driving a go kart after learning to drive in a Y Reg Ford Fiesta which felt like a tank after hehe. (Passed first time :) )

    -- Doing 170miles on £20! That's even before the needle reached the danger zone. (Thirsty on oil mind)

    -- People looking at me car and not knowing what the heck it is, nice to have something a bit different

    -- My mates not knowing what the heck I am doing when pulling out a piece of plastic from under the steering wheel (the choke) :happy:

    --It's nippy for a 903cc, light and its surprisingly quite roomy (5 door, back seats fold as well)

    One problem at the minute is when I add weight or when have people in the back (just 1 even) the back tyres rub / catch the arches which is a bit annoying. Not sure if to tinker which the suspension (new buffer? / cheaper) or just get two slighly smaller back tyres (more expensive)

    And I suppose a bit more power would be nice :whistle:

    Always looking to add something to it just small sophisticated bits mainly nothing mad that would make the car look daft or make me poorer than I already am.

    I am looking into these two items at the moment, any advice would be appreciated;


    Seems a bit expensive, how do I go about smoking my own lights?


    Not sure for £37 this is really worth it for my car seeing as it only has a small engine I am quite limited.

    Thanks for reading, any feedback = :funk:

  2. HarveyGTI

    HarveyGTI Guest

    always loved the MK1's. very retro

    personally I would:

    slam it on a set of wide 15" BBS rims
    slide in a 1.8 20VT engine
    Smooth off front and rear bumpers and done :)
  3. jenk

    Feb 20, 2005
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    They exist!!!!

    As Harvey say's, get it retro mate. A nice set of wide 13" or 14" wheels (mini-lites maybe??) and slam it. Keep the body clean and simple and it will look mint ;)
  4. TomToledoMk1

    TomToledoMk1 Guest

    Nice car Wilsee!
    I'm thinking of doing similar things to my mk1, new wheels and exhaust as mine is gonna fail its m.o.t. I was just wondering if you found any other problems with fitting the wheels because with the leaf srping suspension the mk1 has, the wheels are very close to the damper on my car, and getting bigger wheels (15") instead of the 14s i have now looks like they would rub. :( Also how much was your exhaust and did you have to make custom mounts for it?
    Thanks for any help :)
  5. Lappy2

    Lappy2 Guest

  6. Eugz

    Eugz Guest

    It works. Cool little car =)
    Thats the volume of the engine?
  7. Lappy2

    Lappy2 Guest

    It's a 1.5 GLX Model. Registered in march 1990. Engine capacity is 1461cc.
    It's in nice original condition but the alloys are a bit shabby!
  8. B.Different

    B.Different Guest

    I've fitted a TT back box to mine and running 15s no prob. Just get FIAT fittings for the wheels not vags. I rolled the arches and flared them at the same time using a sissor jack and a block of wood. Easy job if you take youe time i've done this to all 3 of mine.
  9. Mat

    Mat Guest

    how on earth do cars of this age have so few miles?

    seriously, I don't get it!

    try looking for a mk3 cupra with less than 40k and i doubt there are any!

    makes you wonder if people "saved" these cars knowing they'd be sought after in years to follow :shrug:
  10. stezo2k

    stezo2k Anjuna Monkey

    Mar 15, 2008
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    wow, for a retro ibiza that does look pretty funky
    #10 stezo2k, Aug 28, 2008
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  11. Ad-mk2Ibiza

    Ad-mk2Ibiza Active Member

    Jun 1, 2008
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    slam it on some wide 15s
    will look amazing

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