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Winter driving - Change tyres?

Discussion in 'MK4 (NEW) Toledo' started by Smileyman, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Smileyman

    Smileyman Full Member

    Aug 9, 2017
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    So it's soon winter, for the past few years (before Toledo) I've had a second set of wheels to run winter tyres, but this is bind to manage and ideally something to stop doing.

    My commuting is early morning before dawn and early evening after night fall so it's the coldest times of day. I need a tyre that will not leave me stuck if is snowing, but at the same time gives good performance (stopping distance) in normal wet & dry conditions .. as well as descent fuel economy! The Michelin CrossClimate looks to be the right tyre for me (I am in Kent).

    Michelin don't make this tyre to fit the rather unusual size 16" and 17" wheels fitted to the Toledo, but do for the 15" wheel as fitted to the base level car.

    Is anyone (with 16" or 17" wheels) running / planning to run their Toledo with these 15" wheels .. if so how do you get on with them, ride and handling wise? Pre Toledo I downsized from 17" to 16" and found the ride to be much improved without a handling penalty, as well as benefitting from the much lower tyre prices too.

  2. camelspyyder

    camelspyyder 2 SEAT-er

    Jun 26, 2014
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    @Pinkpanther has just put his winter 15s on his Toledo 1.0TSi and posted about it over there on Briskoda Rapid section.

    There are loads of others over there who swear by crossclimates too.
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