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Witch Hunts, Advertising, Signatures & Avatars

Discussion in '** FORUM RULES & FAQ - Please Read **' started by ZBOYD, Jun 12, 2006.

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    May 19, 2001
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    SCN have always had a strong dislike for witch hunts, we find them damaging to this forum, and damaging to the community as a whole.

    I personally have no interest whatsoever in this kind of debate, im finding it tiresome, as there are too many impatial comments being made. I do accept that some people do find it of extraordinary interest, but I will act if this becomes yet another sad and twisted witch hunt, of unfounded comments, or of theories, or as a means of defaming any tuner or company, who either advertise here or even if they don't.

    SCN is a wholey independant site, we the founders make the policy here and we are neither swayed or influenced by our advertisers commercial interests, we offer them a service, with which to advertise their services and products by means of our website and forums, just the same as if they went and stuck an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine.

    We are not to be classed as customer services for any of the tuners or other companies who advertise with us, nor are we a consumers shouting stage, we accept the rights of members to question tuners on the forum, or make an informed constructive comment, just as they the tuners also have the right to answer those questions publicly, constructively, or if they wish refer you to private discussion for their own internal formality.

    This has gone beyond that, as clearly information outside of this forum, which can neither be proven or denied is finding its way into the common opinion, and in my eye it isn't impartial.

    We'd like it to stop please!!

    And on a seperate, yet clearly linked issue, and plainly as an observer, I am also noticing many of the folks in here, are clearly linking themselves to one particular tuner or a direct affiliation, though you fully have the right to choose who you do business with, I am also noticing some carrying the advertising of their chosen ********** in a section that is not theirs to advertise in, and others who are not employee's advertising in their signatures and avatars.

    I would like to make it clear those companies who advertise or their direct staff/personel should be the 'ONLY' ones carrying advertsing in their signatures or avatars anywhere on SCN.

    That goes for company logo's, weblinks etc, these are all classified as advertising medium, as with most things on SCN, we do prefer you to have some self dicipline and self policing, we hate having to overly moderate, but we will act concisely if we feel the forum is being mis-used.

    And what we deem as mis-use is open only to our interpretation, and if we think its damaging SCN's credibility and overall image, then that is the interpretation that we act upon.
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