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WTCC Monza testings

Discussion in 'CUPRA Motorsport' started by ZBOYD, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. ZBOYD

    ZBOYD Looking up at the stars!
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    May 19, 2001
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    Day 1: 22nd March

    4 drivers took part in the first day of the official FIA WTCC testing at Monza today.

    Roberto Colciago and Pierre-Yves Corthals shared JAS Motorsport’s only Honda Accord Euro R. At GR Asia Maurizio Ceresoli took the wheel of the team’s SEAT Toledo, while his Dutch team-mate Tom Coronel is due to replace him tomorrow.

    Augusto Farfus and his N.technology Alfa Romeo 156 topped all the three sessions; his fastesr time set in the morning session before the rain soaked the track completely. Also in the first session Priaulx and Morbidelli set the second and third best laps of the day.

    Testing will go on tomorrow with three other one-hour sessions.

    1; Augusto Farfus; Alfa Romeo; 2.11,498
    2; Andy Priaulx; BMW; 2.12,241
    3; Gianni Morbidelli; Alfa Romeo; 2.12,291
    4; Salvatore Tavano; Alfa Romeo; 2.12,594
    5; Rickard Rydell; SEAT; 2.12,770
    6; Jörg Müller; BMW; 2.12,835
    7; Dirk Müller; BMW; 2.13,178
    8; Alain Menu; Chevrolet; 2.13,432
    9; Robert Huff; Chevrolet; 2.13,436
    10; James Thompson; SEAT; 2.13,447
    11; Riccardo Romagnoli; Alfa Romeo; 2.13,966
    12; Adriano De Micheli; Alfa Romeo; 2.14,006
    13; Roberto Colciago; Honda; 2.14,013
    14; Stefano D'Aste; BMW; 2.14,122
    15; Gabriele Tarquini; SEAT; 2.14,256
    16; Alessandro Balzan; Alfa Romeo; 2.14,289
    17; Peter Terting; SEAT; 2.14,530
    18; Gianni Calabrese; SEAT; 2.14,705

    19; Nicola Larini; Chevrolet; 2.14,764
    20; Jordi Gené; SEAT; 2.14,967
    21; Marcel Costa; BMW; 2.15,077
    22; Maurizio Ceresoli; SEAT; 2.15,154
    23; Stefano Valli; BMW; 2.15,415
    24; Yvan Muller; SEAT; 2.15,433
    25; Luca Rangoni; BMW; 2.15,544
    26; Alessandro Zanardi; BMW; 2.15,726
    27; Jirí Janák; Alfa Romeo; 2.15,776
    28; Jens Edman; Peugeot; 2.15,922
    29; Pierre-Yves Corthals; Honda; 2.16,597
    30; Simone Iacone; BMW; 2.16,785
    31; Emmet O'Brien; BMW; 2.19,122
    32; Diego Romanini; BMW; 2.19,851
    33; Davide Roda; SEAT; 2.20,003
    34; Emanuele Naspetti; BMW; 2.20,057

    Day 2: 23rd March

    34 drivers took part in the second day of the official FIA WTCC testing at Monza today.
    Gabriele Tarquini missed two sessions out of three due to a slight indisposition. 26-year old Scotsman Ryan Sharp made his first appearance at the wheel of a Honda Accord, having signed a deal with JAS Motorsport for being Pierre-Yves Corthals’ team-mate for the season.

    Andy Priaulx topped the time sheet in his BMW Team UK BMW 320si, posting the fastest lap over the two days with only two minutes left in the final session.
    Second and third fastest today were N.technology team-mates Salvatore Tavano and Augusto Farfus, who both had set their best laps in the morning session.

    1; Andy Priaulx; BMW; 2:00.688
    2; Salvatore Tavano; Alfa Romeo; 2:01.173
    3; Augusto Farfus; Alfa Romeo; 2:01.237
    4; Jörg Müller; BMW; 2:01.247
    5; Marcel Costa; BMW; 2:01.396
    6; Tom Coronel; SEAT; 2:01.398
    7; Alessandro Balzan; Alfa Romeo; 2:01.500
    8; Emanuele Naspetti; BMW; 2:01.540
    9; Stefano D'Aste; BMW; 2:01.643
    10; Peter Terting; SEAT; 2:01.747
    11; Jordi Gené; SEAT; 2:01.750

    12; Alessandro Zanardi; BMW; 2:01.812
    13; Dirk Müller; BMW; 2:01.815
    14; Gianni Morbidelli; Alfa Romeo; 2:01.827
    15; Simone Iacone; BMW; 2:01.951
    16; Adriano De Micheli; Alfa Romeo; 2:01,964
    17; Nicola Larini; Chevrolet; 2:02.105
    18; Alain Menu; Chevrolet; 2:02,353
    19; James Thompson; SEAT; 2:02.588
    20; Rickard Rydell; SEAT; 2:02.647

    21; Pierre-Yves Corthals; Honda; 2:02.692
    22; Robert Huff; Chevrolet; 2:02.750
    23; Jens Edman; Peugeot; 2:02.828
    24; Luca Rangoni; BMW; 2:02.892
    25; Emmet O'Brien; BMW; 2:03.185
    26; Yvan Muller; SEAT; 2:03.234
    27; Gabriele Tarquini; SEAT; 2:03.317
    28; Gianni Calabrese; SEAT; 2:03.329

    29; Riccardo Romagnoli; Alfa Romeo; 2:03.368
    30; Ryan Sharp; Honda; 2:04.350
    31; Jirí Janák; Alfa Romeo; 2:04.440
    32; Stefano Valli; BMW; 2:04.664
    33; Diego Romanini; BMW; 2:05.549
    34; Davide Roda; SEAT; 2:05.697
  2. ZBOYD

    ZBOYD Looking up at the stars!
    Site Owner

    May 19, 2001
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    ex SCC racer Emmet O'Brien is racing as an independant in the WTCC this year, according to the times above from the WTCC website hes in a BMW which is odd as I thought he was racing an Alfa 147. :shrug:
  3. Muzorewa

    Muzorewa ¡Muchas gracias señores!

    Aug 6, 2003
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    Not according to the FIA WTCC site: "Germany-based Wiechers-Sport launched a new campaign in the FIA World Touring Car Championship in which they won the 2005 Independents’ Trophy with Marc Hennerici.
    For the new season the team double their efforts, lining-up two BMW cars compared to the one they raced last year, for Diego Romanini and Emmet O’Brien.
    Romanini, 27-year old Italian from Camaiore (he’s a fellow villager of Chevrolet’s Nicola Larini), already raced for the team in the 2004 German Production Car Championship claiming one podium result.
    O’Brien, 24-year old from Dublin, emerged in the one make trophies, classifying 7th in the 2004 British SEAT Cupra Cup and 10th in the 2005 European Alfa Challenge; he will be the first Irishman to join the FIA WTCC.
    The team will compete in Monza with two BMW 320i E46, but they have planned to switch to a couple of new BMW 320si E90 cars sometimes during the season. "

    Tom Coronel is going well in his old Toledo, again according to the FIA site he's supposed to be switching to a León as soon as one is available. Will be interesting at Monza next weekend how he does compared with the other Leóns. :blink:
  4. ZBOYD

    ZBOYD Looking up at the stars!
    Site Owner

    May 19, 2001
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    Yer I probably misread the last news thing i saw on Emmet, obviously he drove a 147 in 2005, as part of the Alfa Challenge

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